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The Handyman Company in Fort Myers is notoriously known for their ability to finish tasks around the home that a Fort Myers homeowner cannot achieve themselves. This can include power washing the exterior of the home, small appliance repairs, and painting. However, The Handyman Company in Fort Myers is also equipped with the knowledge and tools to manage all ceiling repairs. The humidity and weather conditions in Fort Myers are catalysts for creating ceiling damage, and repairing ceilings as soon as damage is found is key to saving money, and the structural integrity of the home.

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How Do I Know My Ceiling Needs To Be Repaired?

The ceiling is one of the least noticed attributes of any home. Many homeowners don’t spend their time at home looking at the ceiling, therefore they do not notice problems until they become apparently visible. We have compiled a list of warning signs for homeowners to keep in the back of their minds. This will help prevent catastrophic damage to the ceiling, avoid having to replace the entirety of it, and keep the home’s family safe.

Watermarks or streaks on the ceiling – Stains, streaks, and watermarks are all notorious indicators of water damage. Not only does water damage decrease the aesthetic look of the home, but it also damages structural components. Water damage in the ceiling is usually apparent in the ceiling or on the tops of the walls. You may even notice water streaks on the walls that start at the ceiling. It’s important to immediately repair the damage to the ceiling, or toxic mold can start to grow and inhibit the health of those who reside in the home. It’s also important to find the source of the moisture to prevent the ceiling from being damaged in the future.

Sagging – Sagging ceilings are not only an eyesore, they also show that the ceiling is starting to separate from the structural components. This can be caused by a shifting foundation, moisture, and even aggressive vibrations from a jackhammer or stereo system. A sagging ceiling needs to be fixed immediately as it can collapse and seriously injure the home’s inhabitants.

Peeling Paint – Peeling paint usually stems from moisture. This can be caused by a leak in the roof, or from inadequately ventilated rooms that are subject to humidity. It’s important to find the source of the moisture before repainting the ceiling.

Cracks – There are multiple reasons for cracks in the ceiling. Small cracks could be the result of an old home, and that’s naturally expected. However, other cracks can be a serious sign of damage. Delaminating cracks are a sign that the plaster is starting to pull away from the structural supports, and is a sign that the ceiling could collapse at any time. Settlement cracks are a sign that the foundation has settled, shifted, or is sagging. If the home has recently been remodeled or built, then it may be normal. It is wise to keep an eye on these cracks and contact our team if you suspect they need repair.

How Much Does It Cost To Perform Ceiling Repairs in Fort Myers?

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of ceiling repairs in the nation is between $391 and $1,349. They also report that the average cost per square foot of repair is between $45 and $90. The cost is also dependent upon what type of material the ceiling is made of. Drywall, sheetrock, drop tiles, and popcorn ceilings are just a few of the different types of ceilings that can be found in the home. The homeowner will need to be cognizant of the cost of materials, as they do fluctuate.

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HomeAdvisor also states that the average repair time for ceiling repairs that only consist of small cracks, nail holes, and joint cracks should take about 1-2 hours to complete. For repairs that are caused by water damage, failed corners, and large holes it will take longer, as the drywall or sheetrock needs to be replaced.

Contact The Handyman Company For Ceiling Repairs in Fort Myers

Need a handyman? If you suspect that your ceiling needs repaired, immediately calling a professional, like The Handyman Company, will mitigate the cost of repair. When ceiling repairs are left unattended the damage only becomes worse, and can cause additional damage in the long run. The Handyman Company has been providing home repairs in Fort Myers since 1999 and we are licensed, insured, and bonded to ensure our quality of service and integrity are held at the highest of standards. Let us handle your ceiling repairs, and any other handyman services in Fort Myers you may need. Call our office today at 239-205-7009 or contact us for a consultation.