If you are looking for drywall contractors near you in Fort Myers who have the knowledge and expertise to repair cracked sheetrock walls or ceilings, The Handyman Company has a team of professionals waiting for your call. We have been providing quality drywall repair near you since 1999 and we can help resolve your home or business drywall dilemma. It does not matter if you need a drywall patch project done or require extensive drywall installation work because we are the experts in your area you can count on when it comes to drywall.

drywall repair fort myers handyman companyDrywall Services Near You In Fort Myers, Florida,

When you hire one of our Ft. Myers The Handyman Company contractors or handymen for your drywall repair work, we will make sure you are involved in the entire process by informing you about what is needed and the price. We understand the complexities of drywall projects, that there is a difference between drywall vs plaster, how to choose the best gypsum boards and sheetrock for your repair project, and more. We strive to complete every drywall project in a professional manner. For example, the pre-mixing and drying process requires special attention to detail in order to avoid missing holes that need to be patched. Your paint color preference will be taken into consideration during the repair process, and we make sure that your wall or ceiling is properly prepped for painting by using sandpaper.

You do not have to rely on DIY drywall techniques when your Ft. Myers The Handyman Company has a team of professionals who know what steps are required to restore your walls or ceilings to look as though no damage ever occurred. We understand how important your home or business is to you and that is why we use quality materials to meet your satisfaction. We also provide a guarantee for our sheetrock drywall patch and drywall repair services by providing free repair service if our work does not meet our original claim. You can rely on us for prompt and professional service in your area.

The Handyman Company, Offering Top Quality Drywall Repair Near You in Fort Myers, FL

You do not have to settle for cracked walls or ceilings any longer. A drywall contractor from The Handyman Company is available in your area to correct structural damage that pose a threat to other parts of your home. Our company has received positive ratings from the Better Business Bureau and has been awarded by Angie’s List for our outstanding service. Our commitment to providing quality work has also generated thousands of positive service reviews from satisfied customers.

If you would like more information about our drywall services near you in Fort Myers, Florida, we invite you to give us a call at (239) 205-7009. You are also welcome to submit a request for service online by completing the contact form. Our friendly and helpful office staff are waiting to receive your service request. We can answer any questions you have regarding drywall repair and schedule an appointment for you when you are ready for us to fulfill your request.