Roof repair of any kind is not a simple task, especially dealing with fascia and soffit repairs. It requires a familiarity with your roof’s soffit and fascia, the main damaging factors, and the preventative measures that must be taken to keep each component in its optimal condition. As such, any repair and maintenance work cannot be done by someone with no experience or by reading a DIY book or website. This is a job for the roofing repair experts near you at The Handyman Company in Fort Myers, FL!

Soffit and Fascia pic Handyman Company Fort Myers

What are Soffit and Fascia?

The soffit and fascia – the elements that cover the underside of the roof and surround its edges, respectively – greatly contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your home. However, their role is not solely cosmetic: They provide adequate insulation and promote proper air circulation. This means that weather damage, squirrels, birds, bees and/or termites are the main culprits that can damage the roof and subsequently other roof components, including the eaves, overhangs and more.

Fort Myers Soffit and Fascia Repair

As your local handyman service, we will carefully assess the damage to determine the ideal way to repair your roof. Whether it is the long straight board that runs along the edge of the roof, the wooden fascia board, that needs to be repaired, or the underneath enclosure that is damaged leading to soffit repair, or perhaps the bargeboard, which is typically part of a gabled roof system, at your local Ft. Myers Handyman Company we can help. Steps may involve anything from removing the buildup of rotting leaves, cleaning out the gutters, or replacing the soffit and fascia entirely. If you have a termite or bee problem, the services of a pest control specialist in the Ft. Myers area may also be required.

If you live in the Fort Myers area and are looking for fascia and soffit repair services near you to ensure that your roof lasts a lifetime, please do not hesitate to call The Handyman Company at (239) 205-7009. If we do not respond immediately, rest assured that we will get back to you as soon as we can!