Is Your Kitchen Hindering Your Holiday Baking?

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Holiday baking is a favorite family tradition and is a great way to show others you care by sharing your homemade sweet treats. It is not easy, however, by any means! Nor is it cheap. It is a misconception that baking goodies is a cheaper way to give gifts during the holidays but the truth of the matter is that purchasing all those ingredients, and the festive boxes to put them in, adds up quickly. Not to mention, the time and effort that goes into the baking process is priceless.

The way your kitchen is laid out and equipped can dramatically affect how well and efficiently you are able to complete your seasonal baking to-do list. In order to make your kitchen more baking-friendly, consider the suggestions below.

1. Lighting – Natural lighting is best for baking purposes because your eyes will be exposed to the source of light for many hours at a time. Pure sunlight allows you to see the colors, consistency, and measurements of your ingredients better as well.

2. Organization – Make sure anything in the kitchen that will not be needed is stored away neatly. Any utensils or kitchen tools that will be used should be organized on the counter in sequential order. If you bake regularly throughout the year, you may want to consider remodeling your cabinets to maximize convenience and efficiency.

3. Counter Space – If you have limited counter space in your home, you can move the dining table closer to your baking zone, but make sure to cover it with some sort of protective material. Another option is to invest in a rolling island, which can provide additional work space, and can be used to store ingredients and standard baking items.

4. Counter Tops – The most ideal counter top material for baking purposes is granite because you can work directly on it. It does not scratch, stain, or burn easily. In addition to the material, you also need to pay attention to the height of your counter tops to avoid unnecessary strain on your body.

5. Oven – Installing a double-oven into your kitchen can significantly affect your baking efforts because it allows you to put more items in the oven at once, and allows you to bake things at different temperatures if needed.

Creating a truly baking-friendly kitchen offers limitless possibilities. If this time of year is not the only time when you are a passionate and active baker, then perhaps it’s time to consider a kitchen makeover. Kitchen remodeling is just one of The Handyman Company’s specialties and we would love to work with you to build your very own baker’s paradise.