Your roof may appear to be in perfect condition, but upon closer inspection, the situation may be quite different underneath. Your roof is susceptible to water damage, birds and squirrels, rotting leaves, as well as the passage of time. What you may not realize is that the soffit and fascia are the areas most affected by those problems, and thus your ideal solution is contacting The Handyman Company – your Sarasota roofing repair experts.

What is Soffit and Fascia?

The soffit is the flat, covered area on the underside of the roof, while the fascia is the band that runs along the edge of the roof line. These elements not only contribute to the beauty of your home, but they also help insulate it and allow air to circulate properly. However, any issue that affects these areas leads to a negative impact on several other roof components and potentially your ceilings. To ensure that the problem is controlled in its early stages before it causes costly and often vexing damage to the rest of your home, we are here for you!

Repairing damaged soffit and fascia can range from removing rotting leaves and other debris, cleaning or replacing the gutters, repairing damaged boards, and anything in-between. Our team of professional handymen will come in to assess the scope of the damage and promptly begin making the necessary repairs. If you have a termite or bee problem, we may require the assistance of a pest control specialist.

To learn more about our soffit and fascia repair services in the Sarasota, FL, area, please contact The Handyman Company today at (941) 548-1888. We look forward to helping protect your home from the roof down!