Tile repair is an unpleasant but necessary part of your home maintenance routine. If you have tile flooring anywhere in your home, such as your kitchen or bathroom, you may have encountered any of the following issues:

  • Chips and cracks in the tile
  • Loose, cracking, stained or moldy grout
  • Difficulty matching old and new tiles and/or grout due to fading
  • Loosely placed tile, causing it to sound hollow when tapped
  • Individual tiles lifting off the floor or wall entirely

If you live in the Sarasota area, The Handyman Company is here to take care of all your tile floor installation and repair needs.

Experts in Tile Installation & Restoration

As your tile contractors, we will perform a thorough evaluation to determine the root of the problem. Oftentimes, the only necessary is a temporary removal of the affected tile for the placement of the new adhesive, which quickly restores your tile floor to its original condition. In extreme cases, however, it is best to remove the affected tile entirely and repair the tile grout prior to installing new tiles. The work will be done with care and attention to detail, which means that the completed section of tile is guaranteed to match your existing tile and grout precisely.

At The Handyman Company, no project is too small or too large: We can do it all! If you live in or near Sarasota, FL, and would like to learn more about our tile installation and repair services, please do not hesitate to contact us today at (941) 548-1888.

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