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Tampa Bathroom Remodeling


In Tampa, your bathroom remodeler is The Handyman Company, the area’s home remodeling and repair expert since 1999. The bathroom is a significant part of the house. It suffers more traffic than any other room. With that much focus, it’s only natural that time will take a toll. It’s no big worry. A makeover or a complete remodeling job is the solution when cabinets and fixtures are out of date or show wear. The good thing is that The Handyman Company offers many options for bathroom remodeling projects.

Bathroom Remodeling In Your Area
No remodeling option is too luxurious or modest for The Handyman Company. We are here to help homeowners with all of their needs. As a bath remodeler, we have many exciting features and ideas we would like to share. Depending on the size of your project, we can show you innovative fixtures, vanities, and floor and wall surfaces that will reinvent your bathroom and give you years of service.

Tampa, FL Bath Remodeling
A bathroom-remodeling project conforms to the level of change that you the homeowner wanted. As your family grows, you may desire a move away from a regular tub to a walk-in shower unit or a luxurious whirlpool bath. It’s a good idea to find a remodeling service with plenty of experience, and that’s what you get from The Handyman Company. New fixture replacements with today’s features require real installation knowledge. Finally, you may want to move fixtures around, enlarge or reduce the space or replace everything in the bathroom. In the event you want the bathroom to coordinate with an adjoining room, it’s important to go with real design expertise.

Affordable Bathroom Solutions Near You
Bathtub liners are a solution when your bathtub is scratched and stained beyond repair but you don’t want to suffer the cost of a replacement. A liner fits perfectly over an existing tub, improves the splash areas around it and provides a hassle-free, affordable solution. Call The Handyman Company today about a bathtub liner installation or other ideas that won’t break the bank.

Custom Vanities
When you’re talking about a new vanity unit, you’re really talking about many new items. You can go with a completely customized counter-top and drawer faces, specially built cabinetry to fit your space and exciting new accessories like faucets, mirrors, lighting and storage options. The vanity can be the centerpiece of your bathroom remodeling project or one of many intriguing new features.

When you need a new look in your bathroom, the best choice is to go with experts near you who handle bathroom projects every day. That choice is The Handyman Company. Call us today at 813-626-3663.

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