Drywall contractors in Clearwater are not easy to find, and drywall carpentry takes real workmanship and skill. Finding a successful drywall carpenter can be daunting, so when you need a drywall contractor, think of The Handyman Company. You will get the level of
professionalism you deserve and a beautiful space too.

In Business Since 1999

The Handyman Company is Clearwater Florida’s premier home remodeling service. When you want a drywall contractor who will listen, immediately understand the work and can be recommended to friends, think of The Handyman Company. Since 1999, we have successfully completed over 75,000 handyman jobs. When you need help with a project, contact the professionals at The Handyman Company.

A Wealth of Knowledge

Whether it’s water damage restoration or a room that needs new walls and ceiling, you will be pleased with the level of knowledge and expertise you receive from The Handyman Company. We do not cut corners. For instance, we do not use the Chinese drywall that is giving people fits these days. That’s the other guys. Along with superior workmanship, we also use high quality drywall products and professional grade drywall cement. Every job is unique and provides its own challenge. We don’t have a one-size fits all mind-set and that spells success.

Experience Pays

When it comes to drywall repairs, our experience will serve you well, not only in getting the job done right, but in saving money by doing it right the first time. Drywall repairs come in all sizes. We can repair sagging, storm-damaged ceilings or discolored, water damaged walls. We can fix any large hole with a drywall patch. We would love to do the work of moving entrances and window holes. We can even install complete new walls.

About The Handyman Company

The Handyman Company offers many services, from drywall work to complete kitchen or bath remodels. Our services range from residential doors and window installation to commercial property maintenance. No job is too big or too small for The Handyman Company. That’s why we want to be your trusted drywall contractor.

Making your walls paint ready is our first priority. With the gypsum boards hung and the compound dry, we believe our workmanship will shine through. Afterward, we can apply paint or give you those prized textured surfaces found in homes in Clearwater. You’ll have a much easier time realizing the walls you envision with a drywall job from The Handyman Company. Your home is worth the time and effort and we guarantee all our work. Contact The Handyman Company in Clearwater FL today at (727) 341-9011.