Do your floors have missing tiles?

There’s nothing more unsightly than a broken or damaged tile. From time to time, tiles may become loose, cracked, or chipped in spite of the very best of care. Missing tiles are more than just an eyesore: They invite mold and moisture into the tile grout as well. For this reason, should be addressed as soon as you detect the problem. You can do minor s by yourself, but larger jobs generally require the assistance of experts. If you live in Clearwater, FL, those experts can be our tile contractors from The Handyman Company!

Repair Process

The scope of your tile floor repair work will greatly depend upon the severity of the issue. For a loose tile, the most typical way of fixing it is to very carefully take away the tile, thoroughly clean the area beneath and apply a new adhesive. In certain cases, the new tile adhesive could be injected under the loose tile. For tiles that are chipped or completely cracked, the only option is to remove the entire broken segment and replace it with all new tiles.

As your tile flooring experts, we have created a comprehensive process for a quick and efficient tile installation and repair. Steps include a thorough inspection to determine the cause of the problem, followed by repair with the highest level of accuracy, as well as advice on preventing any future damage.

For more information on our tile floor installation and repair services, contact The Handyman Company’s Clearwater location at (727) 341-9011 or fill out the online contact form today.