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A major benefit of allowing us to install your new flooring is our 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that the project will be completed with the utmost care and professionalism, and with no bumps or other signs of poor installation appearing as time goes by. There are, however, circumstances where faults may occur, in which case one of our Jacksonville certified flooring professionals will gladly make the necessary repairs – regardless of whether it is one floor tile or an entire room.

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Flooring Options

When you choose to replace your Jacksonville flooring, not only are you improving a room’s aesthetic appeal, but you are also improving its comfort level. The best way to achieve that beauty and comfort is to consider the available options and choose the ideal type of flooring for each room in your home. Our options include:

Your flooring experts will readily assist you with making the right choice, followed by a professional installation that will last a lifetime.

Jacksonville Flooring Installers Near Me

We take pride in providing reliable work. Our services are always completed in a timely manner as well as with a lower cost to the owner. We understand how difficult DIY projects can be without the right tools and resources, so hiring The Handyman Company to alleviate that stress would be a great choice.

We invite all of our clients and potential clients to visit our testimonials page and see the very satisfied clientele that we have. The Handyman Company has received several awards, including the Super Service award three times, from Angie’s List. We are also rated A+ on the Better Business Bureau site.

Why The Handyman Company Has the Best Flooring Contractors in Jacksonville, FL

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At The Handyman Company, we have already taken all of the uncertainty out of hiring someone to work on your home or business. All of our personnel have been carefully vetted for honesty, dependability, and practical knowledge. In addition, their continuous work in the area means that they are fully conversant with all statutory requirements and totally up-to-date on the latest improvements in construction technology.

No matter if you are looking for a precise craftsman to recreate something exactly the way it used to be, or install new flooring with the most durable modern materials, we have the flooring skills necessary to get the job done right. We know that every project is important to our customers, no matter how large or small it may be. We always do the work properly, promptly, and at the most affordable price in the greater Jacksonville area.

In addition, doing business with The Handyman Company is a one-stop shopping experience. Our skilled flooring installers are complemented by our full roster of other building trade professionals. There is no need to hunt around for a Jacksonville flooring installation company. We can offer full service to our customers without forcing them to pay the wildly excessive overhead charged by a traditional full-service general contracting company near you.

Your Jacksonville Flooring Installation & Repair Experts

Florida has been home to The Handyman Company and its carpentry services for over 14 years. Established in 1999, our company has been servicing Jacksonville and its residents with great care and quality work. The Handyman Company’s employees have diligently provided exceptional work and outstanding performance to each and every client.

The Handyman Company has served over 75,000 clients in the course of its establishment. We believe that our work has only improved over the past 14 years and we will stand by it. We are so confident in our abilities, that The Handyman Company will offer a one year warranty on all services. We will even come back for an entire year to repair projects that have not held up. We are entirely devoted to your satisfaction and will further back our able handymen with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Professional flooring installation services are difficult to find in Jacksonville, Florida and The Handyman Company understands that. This is why we have licensed, bonded, and insured our workers to provide you not only professional work but safety with it too.

Installing new floors can be one of the most difficult aspects of a home remodeling process, and there are several things that could go wrong – particularly if you attempt to do the job yourself! You certainly do not want that to happen, as flooring is an important part of your home that your guests notice immediately upon walking into a room. If you live in the Jacksonville, FL, area and would like to ensure that your flooring installation is done perfectly, look no further than The Handyman Company, top rated home repair contractor in the area.

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There is no reason as to why The Handyman Company in Jacksonville, FL could not provide you with the flooring installation that you need. If you contact us today, we promise a 24 hour maximum response time. You are only one call away from having your flooring needs fulfilled in Jacksonville, FL. So call us now at (904) 567-8333 and have The Handyman Company work for you!

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“Worker was very professional and polite. Mr. Paris was skillful in completing the project with perfection. I will use again and record this service to others, Thank you”

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