We are a carpenter company that serves Melbourne and other neighboring communities on the northeastern coast of Florida. Our ingenious logo consists of a white house enclosed in a red heart to signify that we keep your house within our hearts at all times. The Handyman Company has been in business for twelve years, during which time we have provided our services to 75,000 customers. That is 6,250 customers per year! At every stage in the process, from the moment when the initial quote is given to the point where we foot the bill, we do everything within our power to make sure that our customers receive service that is absolutely unbeatable. Let us give you a sampling of what we have on our website.

Our services in Melbourne, FL

We perform a wide range of carpentry services in Melbourne that fall into two main groups: handyman and remodeling. We perform remodeling work on all parts of your house: the patio and outdoor decks, the kitchen and other rooms, the bath, the floors and the crown molding. We also do painting and fencing as well as , lighting, drywall and door and window work.

The Handyman Company serves businesses as well as private residences. These include office repairs, remodeling and build-outs, property maintenance and various specialized projects, one of which has been the conversion of a condo that contained a hundred units. We succeeded in completing the entire project in no more than two months! We have also helped prepare houses and businesses for protection against the many hurricanes which often strike the coast of Florida.


If you live in Melbourne and you have a carpentry job that needs to be done on your house, then the Handyman Company is the people on whom you should call. You certainly should not try to do the job on your own as it might take weeks or even months and you surely do not have that kind of time, busy as you are with your own job. Besides, some carpentry jobs can be too dangerous for the amateur or require tools that you may not have.

You may think that it will cost less to do the work yourself rather than hire a professional but in fact the reverse is true. Call the Handyman Company to work on your house today!