Tile has been used by home builders for hundreds of years due to the material’s long lifespan and comparably simple installation methods. Unfortunately, the average homeowner will periodically encounter problems throughout the life cycle of their tile flooring. Common problems include cracks or chips in individual tiles, hollow or unevenly placed tiles, and/or loose or moldy grout.

Tile Installation & Repair

As your highly trained and experienced tile contractor, Melbourne’s The Handyman Company will make all the necessary s and installations based on your unique needs:

  • We will meticulously assess the scope of the damage as well as its root cause. Whether it is cleaning products or unstable tile grout, the root cause will help us determine if you require a simple or a full tile installation.
  • Based on what we have discovered in the previous step, we will begin the required work. Tile floor installation or repair generally involves removing the damaged tiles and replacing them with new ones. For full tile replacements, we recommend using ceramic tile for its high level of durability.
  • We will seal your new tile flooring with a protective top coat for easier daily maintenance.
  • Following the completion of the work, your experts will be available to address any of your questions or concerns regarding additional damage prevention.

If you live anywhere in or near Melbourne, FL, and believe that the tile flooring in your kitchen or bathroom is no longer as perfect as it used to be, contact The Handyman Company at (321) 800-5005 or fill out out contact form today!