Choosing new lighting and fans for the rooms in your home or office can sometimes be quite challenging. In order to ensure the installation is done to standard requirements, and that everything is fully functional, you can rely on The Handyman Company. Not only is our team of professionals fully licensed and certified, we are also highly rated by former customers, and by the BBB.

The Selection

When selecting the new lighting and fans for any room of the home or commercial space, there are several factors to consider:

  • Style – How is it going to match with the current decor?
  • Size – What is going to fit and look proportionate?
  • Internal Configurations – What kind of wiring/connections are present?

The Installation

Although installing a new fan or light might seem quite simple, sometimes there is more than meets the eye. If you do one little thing incorrectly, this can result in issues down the line, sometimes even fire or electrical damage. Instead of worrying about all this yourself, let us take care of everything for you.

The Service

When you call on The Handyman Company, rest assured that they are going to perform services you simply cannot do on your own. Some things you can rely on them:

  • Choosing the correct lighting and fans, based on the internal configurations, and what you currently have in place
  • Proper installation in your home or commercial space
  • Timely/efficient services, and professional finishes
  • Licensed and certified handymen

When it comes to lighting and ceiling fans installation, rely on The Handyman Company of Tampa, FL to help you with any and all installation, purchasing, or other services needed.