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When it comes to soffit and fascia repair, there are several things that you need to know, including what they are, how they affect the well-being of your roof, and what kinds of damaging factors to look for. If you live in Melbourne, FL, or the Brevard County area and would prefer to have a skilled professional near you monitor your roof and its key components, you cannot go wrong by seeking help from The Handyman Company and our team of specialists!

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What are Soffit and Fascia?

The soffit is the covered surface that runs along the underside of your roof and can be either vented or unvented. The fascia, on the other hand, is the trim that borders your entire roofline. These components not only enhance your roof’s beauty but also serve as the primary line of defense against potential damage. Particularly in the state of Florida, they are prone to damage from animals, insects, precipitation, and rough weather, as well as simply the passage of time. Taking care of your roof and dealing with roof repair issues while they are small can help to prevent having to deal with bigger issues down the road. At The Handyman Company, we have years of experience repairing roofs in the Melbourne and Brevard County area and we can help you. Whether you have a gabled roof system, dormers, a mansard roof, or something else we can get it back to what it once was.

Melbourne Soffit and Fascia Repair Near You

Our team of roof repair experts are here to ensure that any problems are caught in their early stages and are taken care of before they affect the rest of your roof. Oftentimes, we will recommend replacing your current wooden soffit and fascia with ones made from vinyl. Vinyl is a highly durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective material that will prevent future problems with any part of your roof.

If you are a homeowner in Melbourne, FL, or anywhere throughout Beachside, and would like to learn more about how The Handyman Company can help with your soffit and fascia problems, please contact us today at (321) 800-5005. We can also help with any indoor repairs you might need, such as , flooring, kitchen cabinets, and more. And if we happen to miss your call, rest assured that we will contact you within 24 hours or less for your free estimate and consultation. Our credentials speak for themselves. We are so confident you will love our work, that we guarantee it.


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To learn more about what The Handyman Company can do for your roof’s soffit and fascia, please call us at (321) 800-5005 today. Your Melbourne, FL, roofing and soffit repair experts will gladly provide you with our guarantee, a free estimate and initial consultation.

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“I had some high-winds damage to the roof fascia and eave soffit to my home recently. I was out of the country but contacted The Handyman Company. Trey did a fantastic job of immediately assessing the damage and quoting me a fair price. They did the repairs in a professional manner and in practically an immediate response time. I’m very satisfied with The Handyman Company’s service and would call on them again without hesitation.”

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March 14, 2020