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Tile is a great flooring option for a busy household, and yet a tile floor requires its fair share of repair and maintenance. Tile floors are prone to occasional chips and cracks, and although tile is an extremely durable material – particularly ceramic tile, due to its density – extensive exposure to water can loosen the tile as well as the grout beneath it. When you search for “home repair near me“, you will find some of the most reputable Tampa home repair companies.

At The Handyman Company in Tampa, FL, we have established a comprehensive process for the repair and installation of tile floors. The steps are as follows:

  1. Pre-Inspection – This allows your tile contractor to determine the main cause and also the extent of broken or damaged tiles.
  2. Finding the Cause – A thorough inspection will reveal a number of possible causes, such as a poor initial installation of the tiles, or grout that is outdated or incorrectly mixed. Cleaning products can also damage the grout and decrease the lifespan of the tiles.
  3. Remove and Reinstall – This step is simple. We will remove the old or damaged tiles and replace them with new ones. We recommend ordering more tiles than needed, just in case.
  4. Sealer – We will apply an infiltrating sealant for protection and ease of daily care.
  5. Maintenance – As your tile floor repair experts, we will gladly provide you with tips on how to keep your grout and tiles looking new and free of damage for years to come!

Whether you need a minor or a complete tile floor installation, The Handyman Company will take care of your tile needs in Tampa, FL. Contact us today at 813-626-3663.

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