Tile is one of the most popular choices for flooring today due to its durability and longer-than-average lifespan. However, depending on the type of tile used for your floors and the amount of exposure to water, some tile flooring can become damaged more quickly than others requiring repair or in some instances complete replacement. The least vitreous, i.e., non-glassy, varieties absorb about 7% of their body weight and thus are less durable. At The Handyman Company near you in Fort Myers, FL, we specialize in both floor tile repair and floor tile replacement, depending on the extent of the damage as well as your individual needs as a homeowner. From tile removal to installation, we handle it all.

Floor Tile Repair Near You

Tile repair is the most common option to restore your floor to its original state. Your floor tile repair experts will either replace the tile adhesive beneath the tiles or replace individual tiles, which is done with seamless precision and no effects on the surrounding undamaged tiles. We will also perform grout repair to not only maintain the integrity of your tile floor but also to prolong its life. Whether you have a front walkway that is in desperate need of replacement or you are looking for top-quality shower tile repair near you at The Handyman Company we have you covered.

Floor Tile Installation Near You

Tile installation, on the other hand, generally involves the removal of your existing floor tiles entirely and replacing it with new tile flooring. As your tile contractors, we generally recommend installing ceramic or porcelain tile, as it is less porous and thus is less likely to invite bacteria or mold over time, especially if you are looking for someone to tackle a shower tile installation job in your home.

When it comes to tiling, The Handyman Company are your go-to tiling experts throughout Florida. We can handle any of the following:

  • tile removal of floors, showers, or backsplashes
  • tile installation
  • floor tile replacement
  • floor tile repair
  • grout repair
  • shower tile repair
  • shower tile installation
  • backsplash tile
  • and more!

If you live anywhere in the Fort Myers, FL, area, and are looking for a qualified handyman company near you to repair or install tile flooring in your home, look no further than The Handyman Company. Call us at (239) 205-7009 today or fill out our online contact form for your tile-related needs!