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A damaged soffit and/or fascia on your roof not only affects the roof’s aesthetic appeal but also its overall well-being. Without these key components, your roof – and potentially your entire home – faces a higher threat of damage from birds, squirrels, rotting leaves, precipitation, and other environmental factors. To ensure that your home is fully protected from any damage that comes from the roof, Tampa’s own The Handyman Company is here to help!


Why is Soffit Repair and Fascia Important?

Servicing your area for over 15 years, we understand that the soffit is much more than the covered surface beneath the roof: It is an important element that provides ventilation as well as insulation for proper temperature control. Similarly, the fascia may be the trim that surrounds the edge of the roofline, but it is also the element that provides support to your water drainage system. When the soffit and fascia roof components are damaged, the eaves, rafters, roof decking, and even your ceilings become significantly more vulnerable. This is why soffit repair near you is essential. We provide many Tampa home repair services to help improve the aesthetics of your home. If you are in need of a roof replacement, this roofing cost calculator can help you determine an estimated cost for your new roof.

Tampa Soffit Repair Experts Near You

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As a resident of Florida, you may have become closely familiar with the problems that can befall your roof. That is why our team of soffit repair and fascia experts will conduct a thorough investigation of the underlying causes and implement the ideal solution for the optimal health of your roof and your peace of mind. In many cases, the most effective option is replacing the soffit and fascia altogether with a highly durable vinyl material that requires no maintenance and lasts a lifetime. Our credentials speak for themselves. We are so confident you will love our work, that we guarantee it.

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To learn more about what The Handyman Company can do for your roof’s soffit and fascia, please call us at (813) 626-3663 today. Your Tampa, FL, roofing and soffit repair experts will gladly provide you with our guarantee, a free estimate and initial consultation.

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“Worker was very professional and polite. Mr. Paris was skillful in completing the project with perfection. I will use again and record this service to others, Thank you”

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(April 10, 2020)