Different Ways to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

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You don’t realize how convenient and useful garbage disposals are until a clog or malfunction occurs, or worse yet – if you move into a place that simply does not have one, which happens more often than you’d think.

Having the option of throwing away food through a garbage disposal not only decreases the size and weight of your weekly trash accumulation, but it also diminishes foul odors that naturally arise when perishable food items are tossed in the trash can.

It is easy to neglect your garbage disposal because it really isn’t openly visible and because generally, garbage disposals are low maintenance. However, just like any other home appliance, in order to keep your garbage disposal working properly for as long as possible, you must keep it clean.

If you wish to purchase cleaning products manufactured specifically for garbage disposals, you can certainly do so. There are, however, a number of different ways you can clean your garbage disposal with basic household products.

1. Ice – Although it is a fairly common belief that putting ice cubes into your garbage disposal will sharpen the blades, that is actually not true. Ice cubes will help clean the inside of your garbage disposal.

2. Vinegar – In general, vinegar is an excellent all-purpose cleaner, especially since it is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and cheap. Make sure you turn on the garbage disposal very briefly after pouring the vinegar, then let it sit and work its magic, and finish my running water through the system.

3. Rocksalt – Similar to the ice cube method, the hard surface and jagged edges of rocksalt are ideal for removing gross build up from the inside of your garbage disposal.

4. Citrus –The peels of citrus fruits in particular will benefit your garbage disposal. This method doesn’t so much clean, as it does eliminate any odors that might be seeping from your kitchen sink, so it is still worth it.