Step-by-Step Handyman Services Hiring Guidelines

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hiring a qualified handyman in floridaThe prospect of hiring a handyman for any type of renovations work can be overwhelming for home and business owners alike. As a result, many make the mistake of hiring the first handyman that they find, greatly risking their investment as well as their safety and peace of mind.

To take the stress out of the hiring process, the following step-by-step handyman services hiring guidelines have been designed to help.

Why Research Handyman Leads?

As with any other service, handyman service costs rise every year. Meanwhile, your spare time always seems to be decreasing. Why hire a disreputable, unlicensed handyman and risk poor workmanship, surprise costs, and a variety of other “headaches” and spend your valuable time on resolving problems?

It is critical to meticulously research and screen handyman contractor leads for the following reasons:

  • A higher-priced company does not mean that it is more knowledgeable or trustworthy.
  • Similarly, a low-priced company could offer poor quality services that end up accruing higher costs in the long term.
  • Research enables you to ensure that the handyman is adequately licensed for the services that they provide, that they have appropriate insurance coverage, and that they consistently complete work according to state laws and industry standards.
  • Research also enables you to discover whether any formal complaints have been filed against the company.

Florida handyman servicesHow to Research Handyman Service Providers

For best results, researching a reliable handyman service provider should proceed in the following manner:

  1. Begin by reviewing handyman license and insurance requirements pertaining to your distinct state and location. This will serve as the basis for your research.
  2. Search for handyman leads via reputable handyman directories, word of mouth references, online reviews, etc.
  3. Gather as much information as you can about sources for the most reliable handymen, their scope of services, rates, workmanship, adherence to schedules, demeanor, etc.
  4. Many a list of up to 8 candidates with the highest potential, and leave a space for your research to be added once completed.
  5. Contact each candidate by phone or email and ask the handyman about their licensing. Even if a license is not necessary for your area, its lack may greatly limit their scope of services.
  6. Ask whether they have adequate insurance coverage for their services.
  7. Explain the project that you have in mind and ask a series of questions pertaining to their level of experience, whether they are an independent service provider or a company, the size of their team, etc.
  8. Review each candidate’s website for all the information discovered above.
  9. Narrow down your list of qualified contractors to 3 leads that appear the most reliable. Arrange a follow-up interview with each one.
  10. Prepare one-page form to be filled by each handyman. Include a space for each of their credentials, list of services, and anything else you see fit. To obtain a preliminary quote, include photos of the work that you would like to be completed.
  11. Perform a final evaluation of their licensing, insurance coverage, licensing, experience, etc. Contact references and interview them about their experiences with the contractor.
  12. Perform meticulous research of their complaint history, if any, via the Better Business Bureau, the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals, and other similar organizations.
  13. After careful consideration, choose the most promising candidate. Maintain open communication as you develop the terms of the project.
  14. Discuss the project in detail with your handyman, including the budget, scheduling, and any other relevant details.
  15. Create a formal, itemized contract outlining the agreed-upon work. A contract for a lengthy or complex project may also benefit from evaluation by a reliable third party.

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