Keep Your Ceiling Fan Spinning and Cooling

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Since the summer heat is quickly approaching, homeowners are starting to realize the importance of a properly functioning ceiling fan. Just like with any other home appliance, ceiling fans need to be regularly cleaned and inspected in order for peak performance to be achieved. Basic ceiling fan maintenance includes cleaning the fan’s blades and keeping objects away to avoid wobbling or other damage.

If you’re unsure or wear about cleaning the blades on your ceiling fan, here are some helpful tips:

  • Vacuuming the blades is the quickest and most efficient method for removing accumulated dust. It’s recommended to use the vacuum’s brush attachment during the cleaning process, and carefully vacuum each blade from bottom to the top.
  • If the blades are coated with a thick dust layer, then use a damp microfiber cloth after vacuuming to wipe away any excess dust particles. Make sure to be gentle so as to not cause any damage to the fan and rinse the cloth often so that dust does not get transferred from one blade to another.
  • A feather duster can also do the trick, but sometimes this pushes the clumps of dust onto your bed, which is no fun to remove.
  • Avoid using ammonia or bleach-based solutions, as they can damage the ceiling’s blades.
  • If you want to go a step further, you can also remove the ceiling fan’s blades for a more thorough cleaning. Doing this will help you identify any bent or broken blades.
  • Remember, safety first. Turn off the power, and use a sturdy ladder to reach the fan if needed. If it is really high up, then let a professional from The Handyman Company assist you.

If your ceiling fan is making an unusual or annoying noise, then make sure to check for any loose fittings, screws, or blades damage. A well-maintained ceiling fan will not only keep you cool and comfortable during the hot and humid Florida summers, but it will also last a long time for you.