Opt to Optimize Your Garage Space

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Chances are, if you own a home with garage space, that square footage is not being utilized to its optimal potential. It is just too easy to let things pile up and sit there for long periods of time, especially since it is typically a “hidden” portion of the house.

Cleaning out your garage, and optimizing the square footage, is definitely a DIY project, but it requires a significant amount of time, effort, and patience. Before you start purchasing storage bins and such, it is a good idea to strategize a game plan first.

Once you have mapped out exactly how you are going to improve your garage’s efficiency, then you can start the transformation. Since this DIY project is so heavily involved, it might be a good idea to stretch it out over a couple of weekends so that you don’t get overwhelmed and worn out. In addition, applying the tips below will help you get the most function out of your garage and preserve your sanity.

1. Downsize. Our ability as humans to accrue clutter is astonishing. Before you even begin to organize your garage, you need to thoroughly go through everything in there and get rid of things that are no longer wanted or needed.

2. Look Up. Take advantage of the ceiling space in regards to storage. There are multiple options available to you, some of which are more complicated to install than others. The Handyman Company can assist you with some of the more complicated storage options if the one you choose is not exactly DIY-friendly.

3. Categorize. For optimal functionality and organization, your garage space should be broken into different categories – gardening stuff, sports equipment, tool bench, arts and crafts, shoe storage, camping gear, holiday decorations, etc.

4. Label. You may know where everything is right now, but later on, you might forget, which is why labeling is such an important part of organizing your garage. You can have fun with this. Use chalkboard paint, stickers, or tape, to label the various items in your garage.

5. Paint. In order to boost the overall appearance of your garage, it is highly recommended that you paint the floor, or choose an alternative surfacing method to provide a sleek look.

6. Contain. The way that you store the various items in your garage is up to you but make sure that everything from sports balls to nuts and bolts are contained. Get creative with your containers by using old jars, hanging baskets, pegboards, bungee cords, spice jars, magnets, hooks, etc. The possibilities are endless.