Treat Your Bathroom to Minimal Mold

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In a room that simply cannot avoid moisture, mold and mildew will jump at the opportunity to thrive if it is allotted. Granted, there are a number of super duper cleaning products available that will bust through bathroom mold with ease, but what if you could avoid the unsightly dark spots in the first place?

Moisture is inevitable in a bathroom, but if you can keep it to a minimum, your chances of having to deal with mold are less. In order to save you from scrubbing your life away once mold is visible, consider the following tips, which are things you can do at home to prevent mold and mildew growth:

1. Flip the Switch – Take advantage of the exhaust fan in your bathroom. Use it during your bath or shower, and keep it running for a little while after. Also be sure to keep the door open once you are done bathing, to allow for better air circulation.

2. Seal the Deal – Tile is quite common in showers and bathrooms, so make sure you seal it off about once a year.

3. Agree to Squeegee – Invest in a squeegee. They are not expensive but if you get in the habit of squeegeeing the excess water off the walls after every shower or bath, you will eliminate a significant amount of moisture that could lead to soap scum or mold.

4. Curtain Call – If you have a shower curtain, stretch it out after each use to allow for quicker drying. The folds of a damp shower curtain are ideal for mold growth.

5. Clean Machine – In addition to moisture, dust is also a food source for mold and mildew, which is why you must regularly and thoroughly clean your entire bathroom.

6. Lock Down Leaks – If there are any leaks in your bathroom, they are probably not visible to the naked eye so you must search for them. Look for potential leaks around the toilet, sink, and pipes.

7. The Drain Game – If you suspect that your bathtub or shower drain is draining too slowly, you are probably correct. Address the problem before it becomes a bigger mold problem.

8. Perfect Your Paint – Believe it or not, the type of paint on your bathroom walls can affect mold growth. Semi-gloss paint is ideal for a bathroom because it is easier to clean and more resistant to mold.