No More Vibration at Your Laundry Station

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Regardless of the age or quality of your washer and dryer, there often comes a time when you have to deal with one or both of the appliances in your laundry station wobbling or vibrating. In extreme cases, you might even find your washer or dryer “walking” across the floor. Not only does this cause an annoyance in your home, but it can also cause serious damage to your everyday and much needed appliances.

The root cause of wobbling or vibration can vary. Sometimes it’s just a matter of excessive laundry loads or especially bulky items, but other times there is a bigger problem that demands attention. Fixing this situation, however, should not trigger a homeowner’s headache. Typically, you should be able to eliminate the vibration yourself by following a few simple steps:

1. Level – Before you do anything drastic, it is wise and recommended to check the level of your washer and dryer. If the supporting surface is not level, then of course your appliances are going to hobble around. Use a leveling tool to check various parts of the appliance itself, as well as the floor upon which it sits. If you need to, and have the option, you can try moving the washer and dryer to a different side of the room.

2. Legs – If the washer and dryer are level, then the problem might light in the supporting legs, which can become loose, or are simply not strong enough to support the appliance itself. Remove the legs and replace them with new ones, or simply dabble with adjusting them until you identify the ideal balance.

3. Shims – Installing shims is an excellent way to improve the sturdiness of your washer and dryer, and they can be made out of a variety of materials – wood, vinyl tile scraps, rubber padding, or anything else that can withstand the heat and power exerted from your laundry appliances.

4. Pads – These days, due to the need and demand for such a product, you can actually purchase pads that are designed specifically to be attached to your washer and dryer to eliminate any wobbling or vibrating issues.