Fan Facts: Why and How You Need to Clean it

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Even though a majority of the United States is currently experiencing frigid temperatures, Florida is still warm and sunny. Our air conditioners have been not been replaced by heaters, and ceiling fans continue to add a comfortable convenience.

Since ceiling fans are not within immediate viewing scope, it is easy to neglect cleaning them on a regular basis. Not to mention, when the fan is turned on, there’s no way you can see the amount of dust that has accumulated on each blade.

Despite those factors, it is important to clean your ceiling fan on a consistent basis because it has a significant impact on our health. When a dirty and dust mite ridden fan circulates the air in your home, you then become susceptible to breathing in polluted particles. Clean fans are especially critical in homes with family members who suffer from allergies.

Get in the habit of cleaning all the ceiling fans in your home. The process is fairly simple and will ensure that your fans last a long time as well. Apply the tips below when you clean your ceiling fan.

How to Clean Your Ceiling Fan

1) Safety First: Depending on the height of your ceilings, use a ladder to help you reach the fan blades better, and make sure someone else is present to spot the ladder. It is also imperative that you don’t forget to turn off the fan, as well as any lights that are attached.

2) Prep and Protect: Gather the appropriate cleaning product, which depends on what your fan blades are made out of, along with the desired cleaning tools – cloths, extended reach dusters, old pillowcases, etc. Make sure to cover any nearby household items before you begin the actual cleaning process because the dust particles will fall off the blades easily.

3) Wash and Wipe: Spray your desired cleaning agent onto the top and bottom of the blade, wrap the pillowcase or cloth around, and use your hands to grasp the blade while sliding off the accumulated dust. You will most likely have to repeat the wiping step a couple times in order to remove all of the dust particles.

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