Give a Whole New Meaning to Family Movie Night with a DIY Home Theater

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Having a home theater used to be something that you only saw in luxury homes and in celebrity home tours featured on television. That is no longer the case. Thanks to advancements in technology, owning a large flat screen TV is becoming the household norm.

Even though the size of these flat screens available continues to grow, you certainly don’t need the newest and biggest television in order to create an at home movie theater. You also don’t need to break the bank or bring in a professional home theater designer. Once you figure out the game plan for your home theater, it can be completed with a few DIY projects and possibly with the added assistance from The Handyman Company. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Select the Seating. The trick to building a DIY-friendly home theater on the budget is creativity. You do not need rows of traditional recliner style seats in order to create your home theater. Instead, look for large sofas at garage sales, put a bunch of big pillows and cushions right on the floor, or use wooden pallets to create a stadium seating effect.

2. Consider the Ceiling. In order to maximize the efficiency of your home theater, make sure to consider the acoustics of the room. It is recommended to install acoustic tiles on the ceiling, but other insulation methods are also an option.

3. Limit the Lighting. If the room you choose to build your home theater in has windows, you definitely want to cover those up, preferably with shades or curtains that will block out light and sound.

4. Perfect with Paint. Ideally, darker colors and shades should be incorporated into a home theater, but that doesn’t mean you can’t paint your home theater walls in bright colors. Just be sure to consider the way the room will look when the movie is being viewed.

5. Mount the Motion Pictures. It is common for people to mount their flat screen TV’s on the wall in other parts of the home, but it is a pretty crucial component of a home theater. Depending on the size of your television, the wall-mounting process is not easy, but our staff is certainly willing and able to help you with this process.