Do More for Your Hard Wood Floor

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Whether you’ve enjoyed hard wood floors for years, or just recently enlisted the help of our trusted craftsmen to install wood flooring in your home, it is important that you know how to care for it properly. Wood floors are an investment, so in order to make them last, and to keep the flooring in your home looking polished, apply the tips listed below.

1. Utilize door mats and long-running rugs in front of the doors in order to minimize the amount of dirt that comes in contact with your wood floor.

2. In areas that receive the highest amount of foot traffic, try to make use of area rugs to reduce wear and tear.

3. You may think that vacuuming is only necessary for carpet, but that is actually not true. Plenty of dirt and dust can get into the crevices and surface of your wood floor, so vacuuming is an efficient way of removing those unwanted particles that can seriously damage the finish of your floor. Dust mops and some of the newer microfiber sweeps will also get the job done, and you don’t have to worry about the rough bristles that some vacuums have.

4. One of the easiest and quick ways to damage your wood floor is to allow moisture to take its toll. Be cautious of windows and doorways when it’s raining and make sure that any liquid spills are cleaned up immediately with the appropriate products. If you keep potted plants in your home, make sure that water will not leak out and ruin your wood floor.

5. Only use cleaning products that are designed for wood floors, and be sure to read the directions carefully and thoroughly before the application. There are actually some at-home cleaning methods you can try, such as the one that uses nothing but water and tea bags, but again, read the directions first. It is also important that you use the proper cloth material to clean your wood floor.

6. Put furniture pads underneath heavy items and never drag furniture across your wood floors.