Home Repairs to Make Before the Holidays

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Holiday Home Repairs

Parties and activities are the best part of the holiday season. Even if you are not throwing the biggest Christmas party in the neighborhood, you may have relatives staying with you, or you may just want to take care of a few projects before the end of the year. Whatever your particular situation is, this post should be able to help you prepare for the holidays and make your home the warm and inviting place you envision.

Touch Up the Paint

It’s amazing how quickly the paint in your home can be scuffed, stained or chipped off over time. Just doing a few paint touch-ups in problem areas will visually elevate a space and allow you to focus on other design elements. You may also opt to completely repaint the interior, which will require some serious work but maybe worth the reaction it garners from relatives and party guests.

Repair Window Seals

During the cold winter months, it can be difficult to completely eliminate drafts or cold air seeping in from the outside. One way you can be proactive though is by inspecting your windows and window seals to make sure they can handle the winter winds. Look for any cracking or discoloration around the windows and make sure they open and close properly. If the window is too worn out, it may warrant a replacement before the holiday season. Finding drafts and taking action to prevent them is the key to making sure your heating system doesn’t become overworked.

Check Exterior Lights

It’s important is to make sure all of the exterior lights work and that your guests will be able to see properly as they walk up to the front door. Check to make sure all the lightbulbs work and exterior fixtures are free from damage. If you find that there is still not enough light in the front yard leading up from the street, then consider installing some solar walkway lights. Something else to be mindful of is to make sure none of your holiday lights and decorations take electricity away from exterior safety lights or require them to be turned off during use.

Prepare the Kitchen

The kitchen will likely be the epicenter of holiday food preparations, so make sure it is clean and all the appliances are functioning properly. To do this check the major appliances like the stove and make sure all the burners are functioning properly and that the oven is clean. It may also be a good time to clean out the fridge and make room for all of the foods that will occupy it before and after holiday meals. Another appliance that might be worth checking and cleaning is the dishwasher. Run a self-cleaning cycle and check that the drains are free from debris.

The holidays are a wonderful time, but it’s also important to know when to call for help. Our experienced team at the Handyman company is ready to help you take care of those last-minute projects and prepare your home for anything. Contact us today!