Why You Should Hire A Handyman for Your Christmas Decorating

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Hiring a Handyman for Christmas Decorating

As you look at the mountain of Christmas lights and other decorations that will need to be put up, you may be overwhelmed. What you may not know is that hiring a handyman to take care of these tasks for you is completely doable, and our team at the Handyman Company is actually trained in a myriad of holiday decorating tasks. Let’s take a look at some of the tasks our team can help you with this holiday season.

Hanging Christmas Lights

Out of all the tasks associated with holiday decorating, hanging lights may be the most difficult and hazardous for a homeowner. The average homeowner does not have the necessary tools to properly hang Christmas lights, which can put you at risk of a fall or other injury. When you hire a handyman, they will bring ladders, tools, and all of the equipment with them to make sure the job is done properly and safely. A handyman is also well-practiced in working with electronic decorations and lights that if installed incorrectly can overload the breaker box and cause an outage. If you hang the lights yourself or have someone helping you it’s always a good idea to have a professional inspect the electrical outlets that everything is plugged into. This simple inspection will help you avoid dangerous fire hazards.

Hanging Wreaths

Most wreaths come with a hanging kit that allows you to easily mount it on your front door or any wall. But some doors are not equipped to handle a wreath hanging kit or there may not be enough clearance above the door. Before returning the wreath to the store, there is one solution that will work for almost every door. Drill a small hole in the top of the door and then insert a screw far enough in that the head is still protruding slightly out of the newly drilled hole. After that, simply hang a loop of fishing line or twine around the head of the screw and tie it the wreath. This solution is cost-effective and will work for almost every door.

Wiring Decorations Throughout Your Home

In the past, Christmas decorations were made mostly of glass, metal, and wood. With the advent of plastic decorations, much of what we use today is not only plastic but also electric. What this means for you as a homeowner is that there will be lights, wires, and extension cords all over the interior and exterior of your home. If you are an amateur electrician, you may not be too worried about overloading your home’s electric system and tripping a breaker. But for the average homeowner, it’s difficult to understand how much electricity is being used by your decorations and how to set up wiring efficiently. Our team at The Handyman Company is ready to handle your Christmas wiring challenges, from determining how much electricity your system can handle to safely zip tying all of the cords so no one trips.

If you are feeling overwhelmed this holiday season, don’t try to handle all of the decorating alone. Especially when it comes to hanging lights and installing decorations in the colder winter weather. At The Handyman Company we are happy to help you with any home maintenance or home decorating needs, giving you more time to spend with your family. Give our team a call today!