How to Fix a Nail Hole

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Are you getting ready to move out of your apartment and in need of covering up all the holes you put in the walls? Or did you make a nail hole in your wall only to find out the picture frame was crooked afterwards? No matter the reason for those unsightly wall holes, it’s actually easy to fix a nail hole. You just need a few materials and the how-to steps provided below.

Smooth It – Make sure the surrounding surface of the hole is completely smooth. A little sandpaper action usually does the trick just fine, then just wipe off the dry particles with a damp rag.

Fill It – There are two products typically used to fill nail holes in a wall, one of which can most definitely be found in a drawer or cabinet in your bathroom at this very moment. The hole can be filled with toothpaste, or good old-fashioned spackling.

Scrape It – Once the hole has been completely filled, scrape off any excess material, whether it be minty fresh toothpaste or putty-colored spackling.

Wait on It – This is the most difficult task of all. You must wait for the hole-filler to dry completely.

Sand It – When you are certain that the spot on your wall is dry, then it is safe to go ahead and sand it again so that there aren’t any bumps or signs of a previous hole.

Paint It – This might go without saying, but make sure that you paint over the hole with the exact color of the rest of the wall. You may think that “white is white”, but if you brush on the wrong color, it will be visually obvious once it dries. Keep a small mason jar of all household paint colors readily available so that touch-ups can be done easily. Also, make sure to blend the wet paint into the dry paint so it doesn’t stand out.

Now that you know how to fix small holes in the wall, there’s no reason to be afraid of hanging all those picture frames, artwork, and decorative pieces of flare. If you make a mistake, just fix it! Keep in mind, however, that larger sized holes require a much more in-depth process. The Handyman Company can take care of those for you.