Build Your Own Fire Pit

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Summertime provides the perfect setting to grill out in the backyard and enjoy the company of family and friends outdoors. In addition to a top of the line grill, a freshly coated deck, a swimming pool, and comfortable patio furniture, a quaint little fire pit is an excellent addition to your backyard area. The best part is, you can build it yourself and on a minimal budget.

There are several different DIY fire pit options available to you, so it really just comes down to personal preference. Once you’ve chosen the type of fire pit you want to build – layered stone, recycled washing machine drum, or planter with glass walls – consider the following tips to get you moving forward.

1. Pick a Spot

You need to build your fire pit on a flat surface, with a diameter of about 6 meters. Make sure there is enough free space surrounding the pit so that people can comfortably and safely sit around it. Also, make sure that there is nothing in the way could potentially catch on fire.

2. Get Your Supplies

The type of fire pit you wish to build will determine what supplies are needed.

Layered Stone – about 25 garden paver stones, depending on how big you want the pit to be, and some sort of large metal bowl to place in the middle

Washing Machine Drum – a used or recycled washing machine drum plus the following optional items for welding purposes: angle grinder, cup wire brush, cut-off wheel, flap-wheel sanding disc, angle-stock and flat-stock steel, high heat lack paint, safety glasses

Planter – marine silicone, cheap glass document frames, small rocks, some form of metal mesh, gel fuel, and a metal planter

3. Fuel the Fire

Once you’ve researched the detailed instructions online on how to build your fire pit, the construction process shouldn’t take too long, and then it’s time to enjoy it. To do so, make sure to use wood that burns well, such as maple, birch, beech, oak, or spruce. Your firewood should resemble a pyramid shape and should constantly be fed kindling. If you want to roast marshmallow or hot dogs, make sure not to use chemically treated logs.