How To Fix a Squeaky Door

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At one point or another, you have probably had some experience with a squeaky door. The sounds that they make are not pleasant on the ears one bit. The good news is that squeaky doors are usually quite easy to fix, and there are a variety of ways to alleviate the problem. With household products that you most likely have lying around your home somewhere, squeaky doors can be a thing of the past, and here’s how:

  • Vaseline – Remove the hinge pin from the door and coat it entirely with ordinary Vaseline. Then insert it and make sure it lubricates the whole hinge. This will help you stop the creaking for a couple of weeks.
  • Machine Oil – If you have dry engine oil then you are in luck. You can use a pin to insert the oil into the hinges. The oil will then fully lubricate the entire hinge.
  • Cooking Spray – Simply spray some cooking oil on the hinge and work it into the surrounding area.
  • Bar Soap – Remove the hinge and then coat it with some bar soap. Place the hinge back and work the door completely to get rid off the annoying sound.
  • Crayons – Old crayons act as a very good lubricant. Just make sure to crush them up first and be careful not to ruin your walls.

In some situations, the cause of the creaking noises may be something more complicated that cannot be easily fixed. You may need a new door installed, in which case it is best to inquire the help of The Handyman Company to assist. Since doors could potentially cause harm to those living inside the home, safety and efficiency should be top priorities.