How-To Turn a Closet into a Fun and Functional Space

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Not everyone is blessed with a multitude of empty bedroom to spare or more square-footage than they know what to do with. Many folks are forced to make the most out of the space they are given, especially those who are in condos or apartments. The plus side to this is that there are a number of ways in which you can transform a standard closet into a cute and practical area. Consider the possibilities below.

1. Obscure Office – Having a designated area to work from home, study, or simply conduct various online activities – shopping, social media sharing, financial planning, Skyping, etc. – is a great addition to any home. A quality shelf functions just fine as a “desk”, but make sure the chair that you choose is in proportion with the workspace. Add as much flare as you would like to your closet turned home office with trendy wallpaper, bulletin boards, and unique storage bins.

2. Little Library – Installing sturdy shelves and ample lighting are critical in order to achieve the look of an at home library nook. If you have little ones at home, this is a great way to get them interested in reading and to provide them with a designated area for story time. A rustic ladder, accent rugs, and scaled-down seating are ideal additions to your little library.

3. “Mini” Bar – By incorporating a bar area into your home, not only does it add an aesthetically pleasing factor, but it also offers you the opportunity to entertain more. Install hanging shelves into your closet to store various kinds of glasses and take advantage of the many options for a “backsplash” – colorful tiles, copper, or even a mirror, which will also create the illusion of a larger space.

No matter what option you choose to update the closet in your home, the great thing about all of these projects is that they aren’t too harsh on the budget and they are DIY-friendly. However, The Handyman Company can certainly assist you with any of the above-mentioned home improvement projects, if the DIY thing is not your cup of tea.