Don’t Let Your Tools Get Ruined By Rust

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Most people do not delve into their toolbox on a regular basis. The downside to that is when the time comes to pop the lid of the toolbox open, what’s inside is a pile of rusty tools. Rust is a common household annoyance but there is good news. There are a couple of different methods you can apply to avoid the rust problem all together. Avoidance is key because once rust accumulates on your tools, the corrosion process only becomes worse and at a fast pace. Use one, or all, of the tactics below to keep your tools polished and performance ready.

Clean Conscious – It is easy to neglect cleaning your tools after you use them because they are stored in the garage and are typically low maintenance. In some cases, however, cleaning your tools is vital to halt rust growth. Use specialized tool wipes, which will leave behind a rust-protective coating.

Chalk it Up – Place a few pieces of chalk in your toolbox. Make sure to spread them into different areas and compartments so that all the tools benefit equally from the chalk trick.

Sand Box – Another viable option to ward off rust is to store your tools in a box or bucket filled with sand. This method is ideal for gardening tools.

Lay a Liner – There are specialized foam liners available for purchase that release an odorless vapor in order to stop rust from forming. An ordinary foam liner will not do the trick; it must be specifically designed for rust prevention.

No-Rust Shield – This innovative stick-on gadget, made by the same folks that give us WD-40, works similarly to a bug repellent attachable device. It releases an odorless vapor that protects metals from moisture, which is the reason for rust. Simply stick it onto the desired area, such as inside your toolbox, and let it battle the rust.