Stainless Steel Maintenance Tips

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Stainless steel appliances have become increasingly popular over the years, which is not surprising considering their sleek and attractive appearance. The flip side to installing these trendy and modern looking appliances into your kitchen is that stainless steel requires special attention in regards to maintenance and cleaning.

Anyone who owns stainless steel appliances becomes quickly aware of the biggest enemy – fingerprints! Avoiding them all together is hardly practical, especially if you have little ones in the house. The plus side to this is that there are several easy ways to get rid of these dreaded recurring fingerprints. Apply the tips listed below to keep your stainless steel looking pristine for years to come.

1. Pick a Product. You have options as far as cleaning products go. Good old-fashioned soap and water works just fine, as do the following household products: lemon juice, olive or baby oil, white vinegar, and club soda. Of course, nowadays you can purchase specialized stainless steel cleaner if you want, but it is not necessary.

2. Soft Scrub – The material that you use to wipe the stainless steel surface is just as important, if not more, as the cleaning agent. Under no circumstances should you use anything abrasive on your stainless steel appliances. A soft cloth, preferably one that won’t leave behind excess lint, is the optimal choice.

3. Go with the Flow. Believe it or not, stainless steel products have a unique grain pattern. When you are cleaning the surface, make sure to use motions that go in the direction of the grain, not against it. This avoids unsightly marks and streaks.

4. Dry it Out – Obviously, you need to be sure to dry the stainless steel surface off completely when you are cleaning it. In addition, it is imperative that you do not allow water to accumulate and stay put because it will cause permanent damage.