No Need to Call a Plumber – You Can Fix Your Own Leaky Faucet!

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Believe it or not, not all home improvement projects have to break the bank and stimulate gray hair growth. Repairing a leaky faucet is one of them! Granted, the severity of the plumbing problem plays a considerable role here, but for the most part, minor faucet leaks are both common and easy to fix. Follow the steps below to demolish the drip.

1. Stop the Supply – Before proceeding with any kind of plumbing work or maintenance, it should be standard practice to turn off the water. This is both for practical and safety reasons.

2. Finagle with the Faucet – In order to identify the source of the leak, you need to remove the faucet and handles. These days, there are some fancy models on the market. If yours falls into that category then just work carefully and unassemble the faucet piece by piece if necessary.

3. Weary Washers – More often than not, an old and worn-out washer is the reason for your leaky faucet to get rid of it, and replace it with a new one. Make sure the new washer matches the old one identically, or else you could end up creating an even worse leak.

4. Back it Up – Now you literally have to reverse the process you just completed, which means securing the new washer in place, reattaching the faucet and handles tightly on to the sink, and turning the water supply back on.

Once you’ve completed your DIY plumbing project, check your work! Hopefully that leaky faucet will bother you no more. Not only will you no longer have to listen to an annoying dripping sound or constantly wipe away the excess water that accumulates on your sink area, but you will benefit in other ways as well. Less water will be wasted, your sink area will not suffer any further damage, and you will be able to repair any leaky faucets in your home from now on.