How-To Install a DIY Laundry Chute

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Lugging laundry baskets or hampers piled high with dirty clothes up and down stairs is not only unpleasant, but it is also pretty dangerous. Both arms are tied up and sight is limited, which can lead to some unfortunate falls and in worst-case scenarios, serious household accidents. Installing a laundry chute will not only eliminate that risk from your home, but it will also offer a tremendous amount of convenience.

The best part about this home improvement project is that you can do it yourself, which makes the end result that much more rewarding. Simply follow the steps below.

1. Laundry Location – The location of the chute depends on the location of your laundry room. Make sure there are no plumbing or electrical obstructions in between point A and point B of the chute.

2. Cut it Out – Once you’ve determined the ideal placement for your laundry chute, you need to make the openings, which requires cutting through the floor and the wall. Take advantage of your stud finder and carefully work your handsaw.

3. Duct. Duct. Chute! – The door for your laundry chute can be purchased from a home improvement store, along with the heating duct materials needed for the actual tunnel component. The duct pieces should snap in place easily but you will need to use metal-cutters in order to fit it to size.

Detailed visual instructions and videos on how to install your own laundry chute can be found online, but as you can see, overall, the process is fairly simple. You may even opt for a different approach, such as one that utilizes a PVC pipe for the tunnel feature instead of a wooden or metal one.

If, however, you would feel more comfortable having a professional tackle this home improvement project for you, the folks at The Handyman Company are certainly willing and able to assist you with that.